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Learn to dance with passion

What we teach and coach in:

What type of dancer are you?
There are many things you need to think of as a dancer.
We usually say that there are five types of dancers:
1. Social dancers, who are good in social dancing.
2. Choreographers, who are good at making choreographies.
3. Teachers, who are good at teaching.
4. Show dancers, who are good at performing.
5. And the last "Multi-dancers", who are good at making all four categories in dance. 
Regardless of the dancer you are, we are there for you.
Latin Fusion
Their Latin Fusion is a mix between Latin American dance styles, lyrical contemporary and to express yourself in dance, where they consistently work with the elements of the music.
They compine their Latin Fusion in Bachata, Kizomba & Salsa. 
The CT Dance System - Improvement Class
They have also developed a special class which they call Improvement Class. This class is for dancers who want to develop and reach the top. Here they work with The CT Dance System that is 21 points divided into three compartments with seven points each. The compartments consists of Technique, Performance & Overall Of Dance.
If you are a dance couple, group or single dancer who want to get educated or be coached,
you can contact us for more information about the compartments.
Other Dances
The dances we teach and coach you in are Cha-cha, Rumba, Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and our own Style Latin Fusion.
Is there any other specific dance that you want help with, you are welcome to get our help.
"What they have chosen to focus on are the basics, dynamics, charisma, leading and following. They have chosen to place great weight on the passion in dance "








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